Well our friends are still here. They also didn’t like what the weather looked like.

The waves have come up some but the wind isn’t bad. We decided to try our first beach landing today. We first went by our friends boat and talked to them for a while. Then off to the beach. We didn’t like the size of the waves breaking on the beach so we went back to FatDash and had lunch. About 1400 (2:00pm) I thought it looked better and off we went. There were now people all over the beach. We sat and timed the waves. Small wave, bigger wave, biggest wave, small wave, bigger wave, biggest wave, GO. Well evidently the ocean wasn’t going to cooperate. There was even a bigger wave coming up behind us. It hit the back of the dingy and shot us forward knocking Lisa back to the floor of the dingy pinning my arm, and outboard steering, so I couldn’t steer. We are headed sideways and another wave is going to break on us hitting the side. I get my arm free and turn the outboard so the dingy comes around and heads straight for the beach. I kill the engine and we hop out. The dingy has about 20 gallons of water in it but we made it safe.

We put the dingy wheels down and pull it out of the surf. Then we lift the bow and drain all the water from inside. Now it is much lighter and we roll it up the beach way out of the surf.


Now we head off to the hotel Mision Santa Maria really wanting to get a drink for not being capsized. We get there only to find out that the bar doesn’t open until 1600 (4:00pm). As we don’t want to be going through the surf at dusk we walk back to the dingy. Lisa spends some time walking along the beach. There are sand dollars everywhere. Some are dead but most are alive.

Now it is time to get back. We get the dingy into the surf. I can’t put the motor down or start it until we are past the surf line. We watch the waves breaking and set our timing. Small wave, bigger wave, biggest wave, small wave, bigger wave, biggest wave, GO. We suck at timing. Again there is a big wave and another and another. With dedicated rowing we got through the breakers. I give Lisa the oars and she continues to row to be past the breakers while I lower and start the outboard. Once started I gun it and get ourselves well clear of the breakers. The crew of Sail La Vie applauded us as we approached. We went on to FatDash and got everything secured. Then it was time to strip out of our wet clothes and get something warm on. Enough excitement for the day.


Here are some pictures of the beach and bay.