This is a beautiful anchorage on the edge of the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park Zone. We anchored first at 23° 22.905’N / 109° 25.317’W.


At this location we were able to jump off the boat and snorkel over to the shore to explorer.


Looking down the beach, west, from where we were there were a bunch of palapas along the beach. Next the fish camp where the local fishermen stay. They are nomads and will move up the Sea of Cortez as the season changes. Behind them is the xpat camping. These are Americans and Canadians that spend at least 6 months of the year here. A little further down are houses and at the end is a resort that appears to be closed.


The second day we took landed on the beach and took a walk inland. Right over the first dune is a wide green valley.


Our boating buddies came on in and we walked along the beach. They even have restroom facilities.


The next day we had a mother whale and her baby in the bay. It was neat to watch them. First mom would surface, whale..whale..whale..whale..whale, then baby, whale. She was so big compared to the baby.

We stayed here for 5 days until a person on another boat that had ben there many times told us that he had been told to move from that location. We relocated to 23° 22.779’N / 109° 25.557’W.


While this new location was too far to swim to the little reef it did provide a good cell signal that allowed us to download weather for our next trip.