Today Dave from Double D came by and took us to the beach so I could watch him fly his new drone. We went over to the nearby beach and Dave did a couple of passes over the bay and our boats.




After Dave ran the batteries down on his drone we went back to Double D, dropped off the drone, and headed to another beach to explorer. On this beach we found a trail and followed it to the other side of the island. This was a easy trail with mangroves on one side and flowering cactus on the other side. Eventually we reached the other side of the island. Here the shore is all rock and there is no place to anchor. It reminded me of the coast of Oregon, USA. It may be a good place to go diving sometime but someone would have to tend the boat at all times because it would be hard to anchor.

Tonight Double D was coming over for drinks and barbequed hamburgers on Lisa’s homemade hamburger buns. When I went to the barbeque to light it I noticed that since the last time I had used it the center flame diffuser had rotted through. Double D to the rescue. Dave went over to Double D and got their barbeque and we were saved (I like their barbeque). Dinner is saved.