DSCN4734Well last night while bouncing around ALL night we decided that we would go check out Caleta Partida. If that seemed to be a better anchorage and was protected from the coromuel winds. If it wasn’t we would head back to our slip for some much needed rest. We called Double D and they agreed and about 1100 we were underway. We went around the corner and entered Caleta Partida. I anchored in the NW corner and Double D anchored closer to the NE side. As soon as we went around the corner the water flattened out. I thing this was a good choice.

The picture of our dingy shows just how bad the winds were but also the cover has turned to paper being just a little while in the sun down here. The sun here is brutal.

Well we got everything settled and it was now time to explore. We had already seen turtles so we were curious what other things there are to find.

We went to a little fish camp and these signs were posted.




DSCN4762DSCN4767It is possible to take a dingy through a narrow gap in the sand beach and go to the other side of the island. We did that but the wind was blowing up waves and we were getting wet.

We decided to go to the beach and explorer. One end of the beach was again covered in Fiddler crabs. The designs they make outside of their home with the little balls of sand is interesting. I found this one cactus along the beach.


DSCN4768While most other cactus are dark brown or green this one stood out due to its bright green color.