by: Mike O'Quin
July 27, 2013

For a one year update on this system please go here.

One of the things I wanted on the FatDash is internet service that is consistant.  This is hard to achieve when most of the time my internet connection is using free or public connections.  WIth this in mind I designed the following system:

WiFi Network

The parts I used are the following:

  • [amazon:B004EH5OXI:inline]
  • [amazon:B000VIA4CA:inline]
  • [amazon:B0023RVXLI:inline]
  • [amazon:B005HIS408:inline]
  • [amazon:B004NPMZOW:inline]
  • [amazon:B004NPOPWW:inline]

Items boxed

Items unboxed