Copper Kettle Coffee Company

by: Mike O'Quin
April 16, 2019

Because the WiFi was so bad at the 81 Palms Senior RV Park we decided to find someplace to get a real connection to the internet and update our computers. Looking for a coffee shop there are really only 2, no Starbucks, and neither one advertises anything about their WiFi. They are both within a block of each other so we went to Copper Kettle Coffee Company first. Upon walking in my first question was “Do you have WiFi?”. The answer was yes. The next question was “Do you mind if we use it for a couple of hours?”. Again the answer was yes.

At that point we ordered two large lattes and sat down at a table. The tables next to the walls have power outlets close by. The tables are small and round but big enough to put two laptops, our mice, and a couple of coffee cups on with room to spare.

The lattes were good and the place was quiet. There is an area in the back with couches and tables for lounging. The rest of the shop has tables and chairs spaces a comfortable distance apart.


This is a good place to go and relax or get some work done. If I am back in Deming I will be back.