Katy Lake RV Resort

by: Mike O'Quin
May 10, 2019

This is one of the nicest RV parks that we have stayed at. The cost was reasonable and the people were nice. They have not one but two ice machines. The two ice machines may not seem like a big deal but I personally really appreciate free ice on demand. So far out of 40+ rv parks that we have stayed at in the last year, yes year, only 3 have had ice machines. RV parks if I stay at a motel 6 they have a ice machine, why is this so hard for rv parks to do????

Some of the other nice things are actual working WiFi that is equal to what you would get at home. Also you are allowed to wash your vehicles, my truck and trailer really needed it. I do not like using the wash services as they use a power washer that is very hard on your vehicles.

Mondays they have a drawing for a free pizza. For more information check out their calendar. On Saturday mornings at 8:00am they have free donuts and coffee in the activity center, actually they always have free coffee.

We were there during thunderstorms and felt that the chances of being flooded were rare. There were some sites that had water puddle in them mostly along the west side of the lake. Hopefully the resort will correct the drainage issues.

We decided to barbeque using the barbeques next to the pool. After having trouble lighting either one I was finally able to get one lit but it was very slow to heat so I just gave up on it. While these are nice barbeques they need some maintenance done on them. I reported this to the office and they said they would have someone look it it.

When we travel through this area again we will definitely stop in. If you are in the area you will not be disappointed.