Lakeside RV Park

by: Mike O'Quin
May 30, 2019

We arrived at Lakeside RV Park around 1:00 pm on tuesday. They were able to take us in right away. We paid the balance due and the nice person escorted us to our site.

The roads are all concrete and plenty wide enough for any rigs. The turns are widened and free of obstructions. To get to our site we drove past our site to the end of the road where there is a turnaround and then came back to our site. This allowed us to back into our site and when we leave we will be able to just head out.

In the main building there is a laundry. The washers, driers, and 2 large capacity washers are $1.50. In the center of the room is a table to fold clothes on.

The restrooms are also located in the same building. As we found out during a thunderstorm, the women’s restroom is the shelter in case of a tornado. Both facilities have showers with benches. There are 3 toilet stalls in the men’s bathroom and 5 in the women’s bathroom, the men also have 2 urinals. There are 4 showers in each facility. This might be crowded in the morning when all 143 sites are filled.

At the end of the main building is the pool area. There is a covered area to relax out of the sun while the kids play. The pool is well maintained and even though I generally don’t like using pools this one looked inviting.

Continuing on around the main office building you come to the office where you check in. Even there they have made it inviting by providing a place to hang out. During the tornado warning half the people stayed there and the other half stayed in the women’s restroom. They also sell propane on site.

Across the road from the pool there are 2 large steel buildings. They are also building another steel building for something. I haven’t asked what its purpose will be. It is nice to see a rv park that is striving to improve their facilities.

The smaller one of the two buildings houses the Campers Lounge. There is a television with some nice overstuffed chairs. Some are reclining chairs. This would have been a great place to wait out the tornado except that there is a wall of windows and steel roof and siding, not a secure place.

Across from the “Campers Lounge” in the larger of the two buildings is the game room. There are various free and paid games to play. In front of the building there is a place to wash your vehicle with a hose supplied. At the other end of the building by the lake is a patio area and inside the building there is a large room with kitchen area for groups.

Walking on around the lake there is wildlife, swans, ducks, and geese. There are benches and swings scattered around for your use. Watch out for the geese as they are wild and quite protective of their young.

I was a little concerned about the sewer hookup but as it turns out it is a perfect setup. We have 2 grey water tanks, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. I leave the bathroom tank open to always drain. This allows us to take as long of showers without worrying about the tank filling. It also tends to keep the line flushed out. One thing you want is a trap in the line to block sewer gasses from entering the shower. This sewer connection is perfect. As you can see the trailer is higher than the sewer connection but the line is lower than the sewer connection. This traps water in the hose blocking gas.

The only complaints I have is the light post right beside our site. We had to put up a blackout shade on that side of the trailer as the light shined right into the bedroom. The road was next to our site and it is quite busy and noisy. Also they should put a sign on the woman’s bathroom designating it as a shelter in case of tornado.

We had a pleasant stay here. The staff are friendly and work hard to keep the place clean and in good repair. All you have to do for trash is place the bag at the end of your site along the road between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm every day. The office sells ice, I still think that if every motel can have free ice there is no reason rv parks shouldn’t do the same. The power, water, and WiFi was reliable even during the strong thunderstorm.

This is a place I will recommend and if I am in the area we will return.