Poche’s RV Park

by: Mike O'Quin
May 23, 2019

Arriving at Poche’s

We arrived at Poche’s a little after noon on Thursday May 23rd. There was someone to check us in and take the payment for the balance due.

The RV park was quite empty so getting to our site and getting the 5th wheel parked properly was not a problem. We were not far from the front office and were able to back right in. We parked with the driver side wheels on the edge of the cement pad and the back of the trailer at the end of the pad. This allowed us to look out our back window out to the lake (pond) with no other sites in our view. It was nice and peaceful the rest of that day.

Friday, Memorial Day Weekend

On friday we went to visit the Tabasco factory and were gone most of the day. When we returned about 4:00 pm it looked like another rv park. Where we had no one around us now there were people everywhere and they were still coming in. Kids were running all over the place, music playing from every site providing a rambled mixture of country, western, blues, and zydeco. There were boil pots and barbeques at every site.

The next day

To get away from all the excitement we took a drive to Bunkie to visit White’s Chapel and Cemetery. The property had been donated by my Great Grandfather, Wilson Avery O’Quin Sr. in 1894. After taking lots of pictures we went into Bunkie and had some lunch at Rocky’s Tails and Shells Dugout Grill and Bar.

Memorial Day Weekend is over

When monday came the exodus began. It was almost a solid line of rvs, trailers, and cars leaving for home. It’s amazing how when people go “camping” or “roughing it” they have to bring their truck to haul their trailer and then another truck to haul their golf cart and both trucks are filled not with people but more stuff so they can last 2 days. In fact people thought it was weird that we didn’t have an golf cart to get around, we just walked.

Back to normal

Well now it’s tuesday and the place has returned to normal. The WiFi is working, sort of, again, there is water pressure for our showers and our view isn’t blocked by other rvs and it’s quiet.

My impression of Poche’s RV Park

Overall this place is nice. All the sites are concrete and the main road is paved, wide, and in good condition. Each site has a picnic table and they did have a fire ring but after the Memorial Day weekend they removed all the fire rings.

They have cabins for rent if you want. There are a couple of places to have group gatherings and one of them has a full kitchen.

There is a play area with a water splash area for the kids. They have a pool that is clean with lounge chairs around.

The ponds are stocked for fishing and during the Memorial Day weekend I saw a lot of people doing just that, fishing but no catching. You don’t need a license as these are private ponds.

There is a small laundry that has 4 washers and 4 driers. After washing our clothes I did have some new shorts that I had to wash a second time because someone had put something in the washer that left something on them. I also know of someone else that had the same thing happen to them. That is one of the problems with using public washers, people don’t care what residue they leave in them for the next person.

For almost 100 sites there are only a one men’s and one women’s bathroom with, at least in the men’s bathroom I didn’t go in the women’s bathroom, only 2 showers and 2 toilets. I don’t need these facilities but I could see them being quite crowded if there were a lot of campers that do need them.

To sum up

If we are ever in the area again this is a place we will stay.