Keystone, SD

by: Mike O'Quin
August 14, 2019

While visiting Mt. Rushmore and the other various attractions we stayed in Keystone South Dakota for a week.

This is completely a tourist town. Most of the businesses are only open during the tourist season.

When we first got to town we wanted to get some lunch. The owner of the rv park where we were staying recommended Powder House. He said that they are open all year and because of that the food is quite consistent. Their prices are a little high but normal for a tourist town.

Another of the places we visited was Peggy’s Place. We had breakfast there and it was very reasonable and good. I recommend Peggy’s for breakfast.

The place we were staying at had bad WiFi. Not their problem as it is located in a deep canyon and a couple of miles from town. In order to get reliable internet we went to Grapes & Grinds.

As their name implies they have coffee and wine. As it was the late afternoon we opted for a couple of glasses of wine. First we tasted 5 different reds for free then we made our choices and got a glass of wine for $5.99. This is where I am writing this blog right now. The WiFi is fast and the people are friendly.

Lisa wanted some rocks for her art so we went to a couple of different rock shops.

The first one was a little seasonal shop located next to Maverick Trading Post.

Later in the week we found a couple of others on the edge of town along highway 40.

The first was the Rock Shed. Lisa found a couple of rocks she wanted.

Nearby is Earth Treasures Rockshop. The owner was very friendly and helpful.